Learn and practise English


1. Shakespeare vs hip-hop? Tune in to your creative self with our new series of mini-lessons, British Council Creative Bites, available on Facebook and YouTube.

2. Until your next trip to the UK, stay prepared and practice new vocabulary with our free online course, Exploring English: Language and Culture.

3. Discover a new way of learning English with The English Channel: watch interactive videos, answer questions, and earn badges for your achievements.

4. Explore five digital resources for autonomous English language practice recommended by our Voices magazine editors.

5. Your time at home can be a good opportunity to support your child’s English learning – even with a light touch. Discover how to help your child learn English with YouTube.

6. Cartoons and language acquisition go hand in hand, so take this opportunity to catch up on some Learning Time With Timmy episodes with your kids.

7. Don’t forget about your long term goals, so get ready to ace your IELTS test with the Understanding IELTS series of free online courses.

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